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Boston AreaBoat Removal

We remove boats! Mike's Removal & Recycling will tow and tear down your old boat. Our costs vary based on the size and weight of the boat. We first need to prep the boat and drain all fluids from the engine. We'll remove it for you, all for a reasonable price.

Boat Before
  • Boat Before
    This boat has seen better days!
  • Boat Prepping
    First we prep the boat, including draining and removing fluids (we drill holes in selected areas to ensure all fluids are removed).
  • Boat towed to the excavator
    The boat is being prepared for demolition
  • Boat Excavator
    Bye bye boat!
  • Small Boat Needing Towing And Removal
    Small Boat Needing Towing And Removal
  • Boat With Top Removed
    The excavator strikes again!

Boat Before

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Our 15 cubic yard trailer can handle the job!

one of our trucks and trailer

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